Ori Landscaping & Remodeling

Rejuvenating homes and empowering communities

About Ori Landscaping & Remodeling

Ori Landscaping & Remodeling was founded on the understanding of the relationship between human beings and nature. That relationship includes making a home in this world while understanding the needs of the surrounding environment.

Developed out of necessity for restoring the health, and maintaining the properties, of Ori Property Management, we are committed to treating land with the utmost respect while also equally concerning ourselves with making your home and community fulfilling and rewarding.

We are fully insured and provide the state of Ohio’s Worker’s Compensation coverage for our employees. All employees are paid fair wages and receive equal pay.


Ori strives for perfection in landscaping, but also for operating outside the box. We understand that some simply want lawncare services. We also understand, though, that others simply need more than that. Gardening. Hardscaping. Soil restorationHarvesting. We know we can offer all of the landscaping and lawncare services needed, but we are proud to be able to provide everything necessary to make your bit of this planet as fulfilling and rewarding as it can be. See which landscaping services we can provide for you here.


Ori also strives for perfection in remodeling homes and properties, but continue our commitment to impacting more than meets the eye. In landscaping, we restore the land while also creating the desired aesthetic appeal for your property, whereas in our remodeling services, we rejuvenate not only properties but also lives. We do not simply restore former beauty to homes or create contemporary appeal for properties. We restore the sense of enjoyment without the burden of home and property restoration to their owners. See which remodeling services we can provide for you here.

Contact us now for any questions or comments. We look forward to working with you and rejuvenating the piece of the world that you call home.